I am an independent research scientist interested in evolutionary biology, plant systematics, and genomics. Morning glories are an important focus of my research, which includes sweetpotato and its wild relatives. My research involves investigations of the systematics of morning glories, the evolutionary relationships of the crop wild relatives of sweetpotato, the evolution of the fungal-morning glory symbiotum that produces ergot alkaloids, and developing an evolutionary perspective to advance the gene pool concept.

I am currently looking for a position where I can make a contribution in plant biology drawing on my expertise and experiences in systematics, evolutionary biology, ecology, molecular genetics, and crop science. I would like to engage my strengths, which include critical thinking skills, creative inquiry, scientific writing, quantitative analyses, meticulous data collection, and thorough experimental design. I am particularly interested in agrigenomics, with a special focus on crop wild relatives. Through these efforts, I would like to help promote food security.

On my website you can find a description of my ongoing research projects, a research statement, and a list of publications.